L+F Wedding: Fortune Teller in Singapore for auspicious date / time.

Friday, January 31, 2014

So.. we just went to see a fortune teller to get our "auspicious" wedding dates/timing etc last week, we actually planned for 2015, one reason is that my grandma got sick late last year, and we thought if we moved up the wedding it will "motivate" her to eat more, and gambatteh to regain her strength even thought her current treatment is making it quite hard, and also in a way to "冲喜" as well i guess? (:

And anyway we've been together for so long (10 years in September) and we've been engaged for about 1 year plus now? Lol that goondu fiance..sometimes he really talk very slowly and take his time to think alot before he speak and sometimes it creates some very comical conversations.. He was telling his mum, eh mummy actually hor.. Fidel and I am thinking of getting married this year instead... *long pause after*
Leon's mummy: WHAT?! FIFI PREGNANT IS IT!!!!

Lol see! take so long to think and explain himself then let his mum 误会!!

Lol imagine we're pregnant, it's like.. can go and bang wall la, together for 9 years+ then going to get married soon after- then KENA. If it's the case then really damn sway haha


To be honest I'm not the superstitious type and if i could do away with going to the FT for "auspicious date" i would! If 2 person have been together for so long and it's been a good and loving relationship, i don't understand how getting married at a certain date and timing will affect anything. :x

But i guess it's only respectful to get the dates from a FT to appease our parents and elders i guess? On my side my mummy really don't bother about such tradition but my grandma is more superstitious and the worrisome type lol so bo pian!

Other than the fact that i don't understand why we must have the wedding on some given date by a FT, i really prefer not to have my fortune told because i don't like to be told how to live my life. Some things is just better to be left alone and let my life unfold itself no? 

I feel that if they said something bad and worst if it's not accurate or it's a fake fortune teller and they are just talking gibberish, i think i will take it seriously and keep anticipating the worst to happen and perhaps not being able to live my life to the fullest as well?


Anyway, this fortune teller we went to, David was recommend by Leon's brother and colleagues who all said he's very "accurate" in his readings, IDK leh, when they say very accurate they usually mean the FT tell them things that is already happening or has happened right? That's why they think it's an accurate reading? 

I think quite weird leh like go and pay money to let him read your palm and tell you things that has happened (as if you didn't know it has happened already) and then let him tell you what will happen the next few years, i always believe if you hear that sort of thing it's more like after you hear already etc YOU WILL BECOME SUPER RICH IN 10 YEARS! Then you probably work really hard to become a rich man because you heard such "affirmation" and it comes true. 

I guess it's great if he tells you good things, but what if he tell you like you will be very sick in 3 years, sculley never sick but think think think about it until really kena cancer or whatever crap.

Haha OK i obviously have alot of doubts regarding fortune telling.

But anyway, he calculated our "Ba Zi" and apparently Leon and I are compatible like mad (in the dunno what elements way la) and we're both in the "right" phrase of our life to get married or something so.. any date is good! 


Literally 1st time in my life i heard of such things. After the FT session i was telling leon what should we say when we go back and his mum and my grandma ask lol, we were certain then we will tio "kan" hahaha FYI it means we'll get scolded. Like.. "花钱去看 Fortune Teller 可是半个 auspicious date 都没有要回来!浪费钱!"

But anyway, obviously I'm happy to hear that! Haha no i don't have to go squeeze with other couples for the "popular date" and pick whatever date we want! (:

Super excited with the whole wedding planning thing, and i am SO grateful and i really really feel that i am THE LUCKIEST CHICK (haha) that I already have a couple of vendors approaching me for sponsorship on L+F Wedding, we have met up with the various vendors and I have to say-  I'm really impressed with their services and I'm looking forward to sharing more when it's nearer to the wedding! 

Still looking for actual day photographer and videographer thou! 
We're still thinking if we want a photobooth / live band (weird if we don't have a live band since leon sings as a wedding live band volcalist lol) Hehe 
 I'm having waaaay too much fun and it's like a dream come true hahahaha, we just went to the hotel last night to put down our deposit for our wedding date 22 Nov!

(Photo credit: Yikeshu Photography)

It's like, although we knew the wedding is coming all along, 
but it just feels SO unreal that it's really happening now!  

◤ If you're looking out for recommendation for a Fortune Teller for an auspicious date for your upcoming wedding, below are a list of FT you might want to consider! 
Ours was David and he charged $120 for the session.

Contact: +65 9130 8025
Rates: $120 (Calculating both our "ba zi" & $20 for palm reading for Leon)

Contact: +65 9011 7388 
Rates: Not sure, but leon goes to her for fortune telling once a year or something

Contact: +65 9663 6770
Rates: Not sure, Leon's family goes to him.

I found this online and it seems very popular, even have an online consultation so if you're so super busy with work you can do it online!

▸(another) David
Fee: $130

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.


Haha! said...

Does David (fortune teller) have any website or where is the location and name of his shop?

fidelistoh said...

Hello haha!

Actually i have no idea! He was highly recommended by Leon family and colleagues so we went to him, we just called him directly to make an appointment! (: